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We love presenting Conference Keynotes, but among the add-ons we are able to deliver, in addition to books or follow-up video training for your participants, is facilitating Breakout Sessions. These smaller, more interactive settings allow us to continue to help build the mindset you desire your people to focus on, to connect more deeply with individuals, and to build on the rapport that has already been established from the podium.

Not only only can we deliver dynamic, interactive breakout sessions on Communication, Coaching People’s Best, Conflict, Generational Leadership, Team Development, Leadership and Sales, and more, but you can also save on the travel expenses required for a separate facilitator. Ryan conducts the vast majority of our Breakout Sessions, but Jenn is also available to co-facilitate or tailor a separate, even gender-specific session should your needs and outcomes require it.

Add Huge Value to Your Next Conference

To really leverage our value, allow us to speak, personalize books, facilitate breakout sessions, provide follow-up video training, and meet with your executive team for breakfast or dinner. These less formal sessions can add lasting benefits to an already great conference.

Ryan delivers the following interactive breakout sessions:

• Engaging Communication
• Relational Conflict
• Hero Exercise – Identifying Personal Qualities
• Discovering the 4 Characteristics your people/clients want in you
• The 5 Stages of Team
• Bridging Change
• Activating the 6 Principles of Influence
• Generational Leadership- Leading the 4 generations at work
• Cultural Integration- Techniques from NHL Coaches!
• And more!


Connect with Ryan: (877)816-1877