I was able to play my 15 NHL seasons largely because of the coaching that I received from over 20 coaches during the 15 year period leading up to my professional career. Coaching makes a huge difference in the quality and performance of every area of your life.

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Our research in this area comes directly from interviewing 12 top NHL coaches about how to coach the best in their players. The interviews are in our book Simply the Best: Insight and Strategies from Great Hockey Coaches. We utilize many of these proven coaching techniques inside our training and coaching sessions.



I loved my time as an assistant coach with the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks. Players need to stay in the zone and not over-think the game they are playing. Coaches can similarly fall into the trap of over-coaching. I quickly learned how to get the players’ very best game by implementing what we call “Emotional Permission.” This is but one of many techniques that I developed as a professional hockey coach and will use to help you achieve your best game in sport, business, or family.



Shortly after my time with the Canucks I was invited to coach the Canadian National Women’s Team. I greatly value the opportunity I had to join these amazing athletes and coaches in their journey towards their most recent Olympic Gold Medal. Harnessing and synergizing their levels of emotional energy was critical in getting every player’s best game, something we explore in detail during our corporate coaching sessions.


It was my great pleasure to be the Hockey coordinator and referee in MIRACLE, the Disney movie celebrating the 1980 US Olympic victory over the Soviet Union.

Herb Brooks, played by Kurt Russell (who did an amazing job), and by me for all the rear-view skating shots (hence the body-double photo above), said two things in Miracle that have stuck with me:

  • “You can’t be common, the common man goes nowhere; you have to be uncommon.”
  • “Great moments are born from great opportunity.”

Opportunity connecting with a prepared, well-coached person = Uncommon men and women

We would love to be that coach for you, either personally, with your team or peer group, or online.

Inspiring Your Best Game is a great start. At the end of each of the 52 videos that are delivered to you every Monday morning, you will have an opportunity to answer a significantly relevant question designed to help you get to the next level. I challenge you to determine right now to answer every one of these questions and start to become uncommon.

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