What would you pay to help you and your people PLAY your BEST GAME; to help you be the best YOU possible; to help you stay energized and focused?

For less than $3.00 per week you can have a link delivered to your email taking you directly to Ryan’s inspiring/informing videos paired with discussion questions. These 50 short videos and discussion questions cover relevant subject matter like:

• Napoleon on Leadership
• Coaching Success
- Confidence and Courage
• Martin Luther King Jr. on purpose and Passion
• Rosie Ruiz on Cheating
• Commitment vs. Consensus
• How is your Confidence?
• Sustaining High Performance
• Small changes yield Large Impact

What kind of videos will I watch weekly?

Ryan has created 50 fun, inspiring, informative videos on 50 different Leadership, Team and High Performance subjects. Each video runs between 2 and 3 1/2 minutes long and is just the spark you will be looking forward to every Monday Morning.

My desire is to help you stay on top of your GAME! Each article focuses you on a specific life or career-enhancing subject that will help you and your people play your BEST GAME.


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