Jenn and I both really enjoy delivering Keynote speeches and have been doing this for many seasons, but we offer more.

Many companies bring us in to inspire the conference or sales team or executive group and then say, “Our people really enjoyed their time with you; what else can you bring us?” This is where we move from speaking into the training side and become much more interactive.

These training sessions usually focus on Sales Development,
Leadership Development, or Team Development, but we are always open to customizing a Session to meet your unique needs.

Why do NHL teams spend more time practicing than playing? Because we all know that practice increases performance. According to the NTL Institute, people retain 75% of what they learned when they practice. Ryan’s unique brand of experiential, interactive training increases fun and retention, putting a new spin on the term, Power Play.

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Ryan with Brian Scudamore, Founder/CEO 1-800-GotJunk?

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Our Interactive Sessions are fun on purpose and with purpose, and they always finish with 2 important components:

The Debrief

Call to Action

Our interactive sessions will help refresh your culture.