Jennifer Walter, Hockey Wife, Hockey (and non-hockey) Mom, Nana, Speaker, Writer, Facilitator, and Teammate is looking forward to connecting with you! When not speaking or co-facilitating with her husband, Ryan, Jenn loves speaking solo on a range of topics from change and communication through relationships, wellness, and faith.


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As a Certified CRG Associate I look forward to the opportunity of helping you and your team better understand and utilize your strengths. Understanding your own personal style and the styles of your friends, colleagues, and family members will enhance your communication, productivity, happiness, and fulfillment. Experience the empowerment of living in your strength!

Partial Client List

  • Peace Portal Alliance Church Abbotsford Downtown Business Association
  • Stonecroft Ministry Abbotsford Professional Women’s Association
  • Family Life Canada BC Home School Association
  • Mountainview Community Church PrairieCoast Equipment
  • Servants’ Anonymous Society Glory Days Symposium, Monmouth University
  • WRSS Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast
  • Oceanside Church
  • Tsawassen Alliance Church

Hear What Others Are Saying About Jenn Walter

“Our knowledge and insight into the lives that the two of you have lived gave us some specific focus, and some immediate listener recognition given the success of others in your respective families in the world of hockey.

You need to know that the two of you were beyond perfection. We try to create an atmosphere on the show that comes across as real and sincere for the listening audience. Feedback we have received says “you guys sound like two folks just sitting in the recreation room having a discussion”…and we like that. And today, the two of you blended so well, allowing good conversation, good laughter and a relaxed period of time filled with wisdom and perspective from two successful women who represent two significant hockey families. I hope you will find time to listen to the show which airs this coming Saturday or is available on podcast next Tuesday at (and we will send you the specific link). I think this is important because, without any knowledge of the other’s involvement, the two of you delivered one of the most powerful messages possible to the minor hockey audience…that being, just how possible it was to derive huge enjoyment out of situations that stymie so many others…and you did it with an emphasis on family. We were blown away by the similarity and strength of your individual messages.

Having the two of you on the same show was one of the best decisions we could have made. Today’s show made a huge impact on the lives of those that will listen to it.

Thank you again, Mary Kay and Jennifer.”

Jack Ray,
General Manager
The Hockey Source

Jenni’s Jingliest

Pretty much everything that I love is related to nature or nurture.

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"Thank you Jennifer for a truly inspirational talk. I have referred to it and you, many times since you spoke and that is amazing because it was only 2 days ago. Your talk allowed us to see your life and trials as we women see life and trials. I have had a few, I'm afraid, having lost my son last year. I'm afraid I LOVED your story. All of the above is sent with all sincerity as I really do think your message reached into the hearts of us all. I hope to Stay Hungry… Thanks again…You are quite delightful and human and approachable and it was a pleasure to meet you."

− Maggie M. Reimer, CFP | RBC Dominion Securities Inc

"A BIG thank you to you & Jenni. Two thumbs up!"

− Oliver Pattison, The Abbotsford Heat Faith Night Post Game Presentation

"Jennifer added a dynamic that really rounded out the post game special event."

− Ron St. Hilaire

"Very much enjoyed the speaker. Well thought out evening. Jennifer, you are beautiful inside and out. I was so touched and inspired by your story. THANK YOU for sharing – it meant more to me than you know. I’m so glad I came… "

− The Abbotsford After 5 Club

"Speaker did a fantastic job. I wish hockey people who aren’t Christians could hear her message."

− The Abbotsford After 5 Club

"One of the best After 5 and CWC speakers I’ve ever heard. So true all she said"

− The Abbotsford After 5 Club