Key Notes

An inspirational and content-rich Keynote Speaker, Ryan draws directly from his Stanley Cup-winning NHL hockey career, and subsequent business career to inspire and challenge at leadership, sales, and safety conferences, AGMs, after-dinner speeches, and more, with a variety of customizable topics:


  1. Great Shift: Getting Your Mind in the Game
    Ryan explores the 5 mindsets that either activate or reduce performance energy and offers practical solutions to shift into the offensive zone for maximum impact.
  2. Playing and Staying Hungry
    Ryan utilizes his NHL playing and coaching experience, and more to illustrate the importance of creating a HUNRGY team culture.
  3. Coaching Excellence
    Ryan has coached and been coached at the highest level and shares insights and experience from inside NHL dressing rooms on how to maximize talent and build winning teams.
  4. Preparing to Perform
    Using research from personal interviews with the best players and coaches in the world of hockey, Ryan will share fresh concepts around how to prepare to win.
  5. Safety is a Team Game
    Ryan believes that tight teams stay safe, and will demonstrate that strong relationships encourage accountability, empowerment, and engagement.