Jenni Jingles is my wife of over 30 years and my best friend. We have had what some people might call a high pressure, very public marriage. The same summer that we were married I was traded from the Washington Capitals to the Montreal Canadiens. Just after we settled in, she had to pack up again, because I was already gone.

Ours years together in the NHL and beyond have taught us some of the keys to sustaining a fun and lasting marriage. Our 5 amazing children and 3 grandchildren continue to teach us…and we want to learn from you too.


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Ryan and Jenn speaking at a Family Life Canada Weekend Getaway

Interactive Conferences

Our interactive conferences are really about sharing ideas, mentoring, and encouraging each other. We start Friday evenings with a fun game of “Bridge-building,” which is essentially a great metaphor for the weekend. What bridge do you want to build in your marriage? More intimacy? Better communication? Time away together? More fun and fulfillment?

We would love to spend an enjoyable, interactive, and impactful weekend with you and your spouse!

Who has this much FUN at a Marriage Weekend Retreat?

Exploring the Hungry Marriage: Building Your Team Under Pressure


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