Ryan believes that no one sells anyone… anything; people lead people to purchase products and services.

John Maxwell says that, “Leadership is INFLUENCE!”

This is why our sales development process focuses on developing the Leadership skills of your sales force. Developing who they are helps your sales force to better influence their client relationships and increase sales.

All our sales development sessions are highly interactive, relational, and infused with Ryan’s stories, humour, and experience. Let us help you refocus every person on your sales team toward increased personal leadership for optimal sales growth.


Full-Day Session

1-Understanding the INNER GAME (Leaders influence personal and cultural THINKING)
2-Leading to people’s strengths – Personal Style Indicator– Selling to people the way they want to be sold.


3-Exploring the 4 Characteristics people want in their Leaders (using Pausner/Kouses’ world-wide study)


4-Identifying the 5 stages of Culture (knowing where your team is today; discussing how to positively change it)


5-Developing the Leadership Key – Perceived Communication
6-Using the wisdom of 3 NHL coaches to implement team strategy

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Ryan not only brings his Stanley Cup ring and winning experience to every session, he also holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership/Business and has been increasing companies, organizations, sales teams, personal, and cultural performance for more than 25 years.

See an overview of our 4 Half-Day LEADING SALES interactive program:

We begin by exploring the Inner Game… who you are becoming. People do not buy products; they buy you!
Next we work on how to influence others, increase our communication, resolve conflict to win, and much more.

Leadership/Sales Development Session 1

1- Developing the INNER GAME (Leaders influence personal and cultural thinking)
2- Mind Set- Leading/Selling Mindsight
3- Identifying the 5 stages of Culture (knowing where our team culture is at today and discussing how it effects our energy).
4- Developing the Leadership Key – Perceived Communication
5- 3 NHL coaches’ wisdom on how to implement these strategies.

Leadership/Sales Development Session 2

1- Bridge Building-What next step do you want to take? What will you Frame in-Frame out? What do our Leaders want to change?
2- Developing the INNER GAME –part 2 (Leaders influence personal and cultural client Thinking)- Mind Set 2 (Dweck) Two choices
3- Qualities-Hero model – Discover your best personal qualities to emphasis during sales calls
4- Emotional Energy- Hungry Quadrant – Your Client buys you- Your energy
5- Relational Conflict VALUE (Building personal and cultural relationship even through conflict)
6- Integrating the 6 PRINCIPLES of INFLUENCE into our client connections

Leadership/Sales Development Session 3

1- Overview of Session TWO
2- What is LEADERSHIP video (Leading Sales)
3- Discover the 4 Characteristics that your clients want in you
4- Personal Style Indicator– How do we INFLUENCE the different client personalities?
5- Leadership is about CHANGE
6- Looking back to look forward- If ONLY I’d process.

Leadership/Sales Development Session 4

1- Establish an Overview of Session THREE
2- Generational Leadership- Brain-Storming how to best INFLUENCE/lead/Sell to all 4 Generations in the work place.
3- Tarp-Torture- Team = Culture
4- Future Focus- The lifetime residual VALUE of a customer
5- Developing “Presence”- This is what your clients want to SEE in you
6- Story gathering/telling- A LEADERS/Sales Person’s best communication tool- Best day of my life”

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“Fun, interactive sales training with Ryan”

I wanted to thank both of you for a truly exceptional program. I am beyond thrilled with how the program went, the material that was presented, the activities, the facilitation, the energy, the excitement for the material, the expertise, everything. Everything was just perfect. I know I personally took so much away from this training, not only from a pure learning the material standpoint, but also how to be a better trainer and facilitator. Thank you for all the hard work you put in for us, I truly appreciate it.

Cody Rowland | Sales Training Manager , Schindler