“Organizational health will one day surpass all other disciplines in business as the greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage.”
-Patrick Lencioni

Winning companies, organizations, and NHL teams all have one thing in common… a healthy and thriving culture. To help your team achieve a culture that thrives, we focus on what we call the Heart Side of business, and leave the Smart Side to you.

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Ryan Walter, Hungry! Fuelling Your Best Game

“We very much enjoyed the session with Ryan. Could feel the energy and focus from all the participants and it was very refreshing! Thanks so much and we very much look forward to working with Ryan again soon.”

Judy Vasily

Canadian Forest Products Ltd.

Hear What Others Are Saying

After being on teams for more than 50 years, Ryan has boiled team culture down to 2 types of dressing rooms:

1. The dressing room that he can’t wait to get to
2. The dressing room that he can’t wait to leave

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Refreshing Your Culture

We all need short, inspiring interjections to help refresh and even redirect our progress along our personal and cultural journeys. Using our unique combination of personal experience and inspiring interactivity, we look forward to intersecting with your team to help you not only establish where your team-feel is today, but discover what it might become tomorrow.

Ryan has enjoyed working with teams from the NHL, the world of business, and everywhere in between during his half, full or multi-day Team Development sessions, often with a long-term scope.

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“Ryan Walter, Hungry! Fuelling Your Best Game”

Allow your team to join Ryan:

  • Discovering the 5 Stages of Team
  • Integrating personal Strengths
  • Bridging to Resilience
  • Resolving Conflict to optimize Health
  • Leading your people through Change
  • Engaging people by maximizing Cultural Communication

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Refresh your Team Culture!